Specialist Perinatal Doula

This is a very special time but some clients want to share their doula and have very kindly  written testimonials for me.  If you are one of my clients please feel to email me a testimonial if you would like it to help others make the right choice of doula. Thank you.

"Kay was very understanding and calm, she has the knowledge and provided me with the will power and enabled me comfortably to carry on.I couldn’t of asked for anyone better to be with me while I go through this journey.Kay didn’t rush me, was reasonable and very understanding.Kay went through everything with me explaining about what happens and I felt reassured throughout all of it as a result. Kay couldn’t have done anything more if she tried. I’ve never felt so reassured so I’ll definitely ask for Kay Lakka next time I am pregnant to make that as special as this delivery." JF


Amazing worker genuinely there for you and has your best interests at heart J

'I found Kay incredibly informative l, helpful and professional. As if this weren’t enough , she really built a fantastic rapport with both myself and my (prior to this , rather sceptical) husband.' RM

If you wish to submit a testimonial please send to  kay@kaylakka.com