Shared care from a mother and daughter team

Rosa and Kay come from a long line of traditional doulas. Please accept our congratulations.

Your Doula is the person who supports you physically, emotionally and informationally before and while pregnant, in labour or postnatally. Your Doula should be a person with whom you can identify and who is informed enough to advocate for you in a gracious way with anyone to whom you give your doula authority to do so. Your Doula should be humble enough to help you with whatever you need help with . Your doula might comb your hair or help you talk to the medics involved in your care.Your doula  might cook for you or collect your children from school or she might just hold your hand or guard your space so you can birth in peace.


What ever type of birth you are hoping to have we are here to support you. We doula for assisted fertility clients as well as natural conception. We understand the added challenges and know you may need a doula more than ever. We doula for elected c sections and water births and everything in between. What is important is the right choice for you and support you what ever your choice is.Be your birth at home, hospital or maternity unit. We are by your side.


Do you need a doula? How do you decide?
How do you choose the doula that is right for you? Watch this recording to help you decide.