Shared care from a mother and daughter team

Rosa and Kay come from a long line of traditional doulas

A specialist Perinatal doula is one who is especially trained and experienced in treating and preventing trauma, Tokophobia ,fear of pregnancy and birth.

Kay Lakka is a doula who has a Masters degree from the University of London in the Psychodynamics of Human development. This enables her to be confident about encouraging you to be confident about the pre verbal communication that is so important in  pregnancy, early childhood and beyond.

Your Doula is the person who supports you physically, emotionally and informationally before and while pregnant, in labour or postnatally. Your Doula should be a person with whom you can identify and who is informed enough to advocate for you in a gracious way with anyone to whom you give your doula authority to do so. Your Doula should be humble enough to help you with whatever you need help with . Your doula might comb your hair or help you talk to the medics involved in your care.Your doula  might cook for you or collect your children from school or she might just hold your hand or guard your space so you can birth in peace.