Shared care from a mother and daughter team

Rosa and Kay come from a long line of traditional doulas. Please accept our congratulations.


Standard birth doula service which consists of two antenatal sessions to get to know each other and plan birth. Being on call 24/7 for two weeks before and two weeks after due date or other agreed time and assist you during labour, birth ,to stay until you are comfortable and a postnatal check in.  £2100

Enhanced doula service which consists of standard package plus hypnobirthing course     £2300

Postnatal doula care can be booked ad hoc at £20 per hour. 

Postnatal doula time bundles can be purchased at 20 hours  for £350. 

We offer a "Cerrada" Ceremony that which we tailor to each family we work with to incorportate the things that have meaning for them. It is a celebration of thanks. £150 

As a shared care team we also create with your permission a whatsapp support group with us so we can answer your questions with in reason at anytime during your arrangement with us.

Included in whichever package is right for you we offer included in the price optional  birth pool hire, dancing for birth classes ,reading material  and other media conducive to your care.

Please call or email to arrange a chat to see if we are the right doulas for you.  Thank you.