Specialist Perinatal Doula

Kay Lakka runs workshops teaching self care for birth attenders. Open to anyone be they parent/support or birthworker.   

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                    Restoring Harmony for Birth Attenders

Learn to recognise  signs of trauma so your work can be trauma informed and sensitive to all.

This workshop is recommended for anyone who wishes to prevent, recover from and stop trauma. 

Suitable for doula, birth partner, parent , midwife or doctor.

Ideal for anyone who attends births or has given birth.

Recover, reconnect, harmonise and ground yourself and others after a birth.

Learn with and network with others as you learn selfcare techniques for yourself and others.

Re balance the cost of caring by learning safe simple techniques that can make the difference .


Hello I’m  Kay Lakka MSc MBPsS. I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist and specialist perinatal doula

with over 20 years clinical experience I specialise in trauma and psychosexual health

Next course Thursday June 17 th 10am (British Summer Time).

The workshop will be conducted by zoom in the comfort of your own environment and takes 90 mins.

 “ I loved the interactive activities! “

Delivered in calm voice with clear instructions on how to use tools to support self and client care.” Sheila.

  “What a wonderful workshop. SAFE for lay people. easy to pick up techniques. kay has a great talent for this work and much experience. short and very sweet. we are so powerful and really can often heal ourselves swiftly and easily. highly recommend. we need to stay safe and well.” Nicola Mahdiyyah Goodall

“I found the workshop really interesting and inspirational. Learning new techniques to benefit myself and my clients.” Mechelle Prior

“I found this workshop very helpful. full on information and techniques we can use. I found the things around the language we use and how careful we should be, very thought provoking. Good tools for reflection and to help me and my clients in future work. “ Ana.

“The workshop has armed me with a number of techniques to help me manage trauma, stress and anxiety. It provided me with tools to self-sooth and re centre myself, a practise I will be using on myself and my clients in the future.” Dessie.

If you have any questions email

Or call  from the UK  call 020 7706 4809 

outside  the UK  call   ++44 20 7706 4809